We are your Digital Solution for HealthCare and Wellness!

DrHelpDesk is one easily accessible and convenient platform for meeting your Healthcare and Wellness requirements and daily needs. We stand as your Personal Digital Solution to help you procure your Healthcare and wellness – the most prized commodity for humans in a better way.

Keeping the Healthcare and Wellness of our society in mind, DrHelpDesk purveys following products and services at your doorstep:

• Medicines (OTCs & Meds requiring Prescription)
• Online Lab Test Booking with Free-Sample Collection from a preferred location
• Men & Women Care Essentials
• Mom & Baby Care Products
• Ayurveda
• Cosmetics

Through DrHelpDesk – Delivering Health Digitally, we together aim to make healthcare easy and better! We are working with an approach that people of our society should prioritize their health. With DHD, we aim to eliminate every reason that one individual can use to justify their negligence towards their and families’ health. We want Healthcare should be a simple, personal, and affordable experience.

Our Story

DrHelpDesk is captained by two healthcare industry aficionados Mr. Anuj Rathoure and Mr. Sriramanan. The idea of establishing DrHelpDesk burgeoned from the thought of bringing a revolutionary change in our society in terms of their perspective on healthcare and wellness.

If we see over social media, healthcare, and wellness tips are all over the place. Everybody and everything is signaling us to make our health a priority. But, our busy life has motioned our lifestyle in such a manner that involuntarily; we end up neglecting our health. We cater to numerous reasons to justify that we don’t have time for health.

Both health-industry veterans believe that they need to change this mindset of people. This can only be achieved by providing an accessible and better solution to the masses for their healthcare and wellness. Hence, all the innards of DrHelpDesk have been aligned to thrive for making healthcare and wellness easy and better.

At DrHelpDesk, one has easy access to Health Wellness, General Wellness and Beauty Wellness. This one Digitial Platform provides you with an easily accessible and affordable solution for healthcare and wellness. Just a minute is needed to pay attention to your health and wellness. The rest will be taken-care by your own DrHelpDesk – Delivering Health Digitally, “kyunki hum apko smajhate hai!”


Mr.Anuj Rathoure

An Individual with versatile personality with qualities of being Inspirer, Leadership & Entrepreneurship. Served 13+ years in Merchant Marine Industry as an Senior Officer & had circled the planet earth multiple times gathering a bundle of experience from Commanding, Management to Commercial Trading.


20 years of experience Financial Services, Wealth Management, Business Development, Client Relationship Management, Real Estate Services and Team Management, Possess sound knowledge of Equity and Mutual funds, Stock Markets, Insurance, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Real Estate Planning as well as Comprehensive Financial Planning.

Our Foresight

DrHelpDesk is not limited to being a digital ambit and only focuses on Healthcare and wellness. In fact, on our behalf, together, we are taking the initiative for the women of our society. With our diminutive ambitions, we are working in the direction to bring a colossal change in the society for Her!

The 75% of the DHD Squad is made up of women; here, she gets an equal professional opportunity and space to showcase her abilities and worth. We want her to feel empowered and independent because she herself is the key to stand for a change in society. DHD is there to support her for the change!

Our Squad

DrHelpDesk feels incredibly proud to share that DrHelpDesk is a Women Pro-Organization. 75% of our employees working for you are Women!

Around us, we hear and see the spread of the word ‘Women Empowerment.’ In that direction, we are adding our small effort by making and providing equal opportunities and working space for the women of our society.

We believe, “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” Our women inspire us to target the impossible. She has not restricted herself in the four boundaries of the kitchen. But, she has explored and triumphed every personal and professional aspect of human lives. She has proved her worth by defeating every challenge that society has thrown at her.

DrHelpDesk salutes the Women of our society who’re proficiently handling both the worlds. For us, She is the Super Hero in our life! We appreciate her endeavor and support her!

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” -Diane Mariechild


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