All you need to know about Lab Tests and its Online Booking
Posted by : DHD    02-09-2020

If we go into the market or especially near any hospital, we can see a plethora of Testing Labs. Presently, because of our existence in the time of cyberspace, on our mobiles and PCs, we can see these laboratories offering the convenience of booking Online Lab Tests as well. Now, what is it exactly! Let us start with knowing what Lab Tests are!

What are the Lab Tests?

Lab Tests or Laboratory Tests are meant to detect the functioning of the human body or to diagnose any defect or problem faced by the body or disease.

How is the Lab Test done?

Sample of human blood, urine, body tissue is required to conduct the laboratory test. The doctor or lab technician analyzes the sample-taken by using laboratory devices. Via this, it is detected that the test results fall within the standardized range or not.

Standard Range: The Range varies from person to person, which is specified for every particular test.

Are there any factors that may affect the results of the Lab Test?

Yes, there are certain factors because of which may affect your Lab Test Investigations. These are:

  1. Physical Factor: Sex, Age
  2. Status of Diet: Fasting, Calorie Restriction, Food Exclusion Diets, Malnutrition and Dehydration 
  3. How religiously one follows pre-test instructions.
  4. Timing of Test
  5. Collection, Storage and Transport of Sample

Why we need Lab Tests?

Lab Tests are generally considered part of human routine checkups to keep an account of the body’s health. There is a list of lab tests that doctors recommend their clients to get it done regularly to keep track of their overall physical wellbeing. Complete Blood Test (CBC), Chemistry (Basic Metabolic) Panel, Thyroid Level Test, Nutrient Tests are listed among the list of commonly recommended tests.

One should get their Lab Tests done at regular intervals. By this, one can easily see the changes happening in the body, and one can make informed decisions about their health on time.

For example, Blood Lab Tests are suggested to be done atleast once a year to examine the status of the body.

Now! What are Online Lab Tests?

As it is said, “Convenience is the mother of all transforming inventions.”  Thus, we are blessed with the convenience of booking our lab tests online from the comfort of our home! We need not need to visit any laboratory to get our diagnose test done.

Through this advantage, we only have to book our test online, make the payment, and an expert will visit us to collect the required sample. Between the needed time as per the test, we can check lab test results online generated on our mail or account. We do not have to revisit the laboratory to collect the reports.

Advantages of Booking Online Lab Tests

  • Affordable – Booking Online Lab Test sounds affordable-means to the masses because online, we get great discounts and offers. We are allowed to use certain coupon-codes as well to reduce the price on our overall online booking or purchase.

  • Convenience – This is convenient in the sense that we all are busy in our lives with our work or family. For us, taking a particular time for anything other than that sounds arduous to us. Now, because of this facility available online, from the comfort of our home, we can book our lab test. As per our convenience, the phlebotomist will visit our preferred location to collect samples. After a defined period, we can check lab test results online.
  • Confidential –  With this, one can easily maintain their confidentiality. The results will only be shared with you online, either on your provided number/mail/healthcare-provider account.
  • Labor-Saving – This is a labor-saving option in terms that the patient does have to visit and revisit the laboratory. The sample is collected from home/office or preferred location, and the reports are made available online.
  • Efficient – Online Lab Test Booking is efficient because measures are taken throughout the process, from the collection of the sample to the generation of the report online to maintain the accuracy of reports. This saves time and energy.
  • Viable – Generally, the online test providers work intending to serve their clients with the best to retain them as customers for a lifetime. So, the viability of the whole process to gain customer satisfaction becomes mandatory. Hence, there is very little probability of any error-occurrence in the report or lab-test investigation.

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