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Evolving Indian Men Grooming

  • 30 May 2021
  • Posted By : Admin

From Metro to Sporno

A cultural commentator Mark Simpson coined the term 'Metrosexual', and twenty years later, he introduced the world with the word 'Spornosexual'. Both terms refer to the attitude of men towards men grooming.

Metrosexual is a portmanteau of metrosexual and heterosexual that describes the particular category of men who live in urban-area and are meticulous about their grooming and appearance. Such men do not feel timid while investing their time and money on their looks.  They are no-more shy about buying beauty products publically.

Spornosexual Males evolved from the Metrosexual Species of Men. These men are image-conscious, and they buff their muscles to showcase their beefy body on social media. The men of this thought are swept by the idea that their body transformation makes them feel valued in society.

The austerity of Indian Men

In India, the men are destigmatizing the beliefs associated with Men Grooming. They are stepping out and are openly investing their time and money to achieve their perfect looks. The men of India, especially the youth, are divided into Metrosexual and Spornosexual Males. Both the men are image-conscious; one prefers to keep it personal while the other is transforming to glorify the body on social media.

We had experienced the days when the men grooming was effortless and simple. Earlier, the idea of masculinity was rustic and savage, very much evident by the advertisements. The men grooming was limited then to manscaping, aftershave products, fragrances, and that’s all.

Presently,  the austerity of Indian Men regarding their grooming is evolving. The focus is upon their image and beauty. By beauty, men mean their appearance.  Advertisements have majorly influenced the masses, and adverse change is seen in men's life and his style. Indian men are becoming more and more image-conscious. They prefer to look presentable online as well as offline.

As per the growing needs of men, the market is extending the range and category of products meant for Men Grooming.

Men Grooming

The Indian Men of today is concerned about tanning; he cares how he smells; equally worried about his skin and appearance; he prefers to maintain his hygiene. He is making all these efforts to make himself look clean and crisp. Adhering to the needs and demands of such men, Men Grooming gets divided into the following mentioned categories.

As we are well aware, the Men Grooming initiated with his shaving concerns. In shops, the men were usually found buying  1). MEN SHAVING TOOLS and other related products like shaving creams, aftershave lotions, etc. With this, men preferred to purchase deodorants, perfumes, scents for their 2). FRAGRANCE CARE. They focused primarily on their 3). BEARD AND MUSTACHE CARE and more products were added to provide extensive care to their manscaping.

You must have noticed the boys in your families that they are extra-possessive about their hair. In old times, hair gels and hair creams for hair care & styling were considered a privilege among the boy's group. If we check online today, there is an endless range of products under 4).HAIR CARE. There are hair serums, hair-thickening wax, hair-spray, shampoos, etc.

In your childhood, you might have caught your brother red-handely applying the beauty-cream of your mother. Now, if you enter his dressing-room, you'll see the collection of whole different products for their 5). FACE CARE, and 6). BODY CARE. The products in the market for beauty care are becoming gender exclusive. There is a whole set of products available to men in the market for their personal beauty care and needs.

Irrespective of gender, maintaining hygiene is key to healthy living. Hygiene can be related to anything personal, oral, and even intimate. Earlier, people used to ignorant about their intimate hygiene, especially men but people are becoming aware that it requires regular attention. Men are becoming much more conscious about Men Hygiene. Everyone should add 7). INTIMATE CARE in their routine for their personal hygiene.

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