Health Checkup – A Precaution for safeguarding your Health
Posted by : DHD    02-09-2020

Who are we? We all know that we are ‘Human Beings.’ But as per our lives, we are fastly revolutionizing ourselves from being human beings to becoming the ‘Occupied Beings’ of this planet. To match the pace of our lives, we keep ourselves ‘occupied.’ We are either engrossed in achieving our targets in professional life, celebrating the social life or employed 24 by 7 to make our personal life perfect.

Negligence towards Health

Do we have time to think about ourselves? If we take activities like exercise, meditation, eating on-time, getting proper rest, and sleep into account, then yes, we do think about ourselves. But most of us are either ignorant or lazy about performing these activities religiously daily to ensure the balance of mind, body, and soul.

But the question is, ‘Is this suffice?’ Though these activities ensure a fit and healthy life, we need to provide extra care to ensure a healthy living. We need to accept that we are least attentive to our health. The only time we think about our health is at the time when we fall sick, or either symptom of particular disease thumps our body internally or externally. Otherwise, we neglect the brewing health issues.

Pause your Life! And pay attention to your Health.

To ensure the good state of our health, we need to get our body examined regularly. This can be done by getting excess to Regular Health Check-Ups.

Importance of Regular Health Checkups:

It is highly recommended by the doctors to get regular health checkups. In fact, the corporate world is also promoting the same. They ensure that their employees get periodic health checkups. This is because a healthy workforce is capable of delivering profitable results.

Now, we don’t know that your Doctor asks for the same, or your organization pushes you to get an appointment for Health Checkup. But, we ask you to book yourself for a regular health checkup to ensure a   healthy life ahead.

By getting a Health Checkup

  • Keep Track of Health
  • Detect possible ailments or disease on time/beforehand
  • Increases chances to get Accurate Treatment
  • Able to deal with the diagnosed problem on time
  • Eliminate the risk of any Health Issue in future
  • Get Doctor advice to maintain your body health in a better way
  • Able to take preventive measures

Frequently Asked Questions – Regarding Health CheckUp.

What is general health checkup?

Test conducted regularly to assess your health generally is known as General Health Checkup. It is essential to prevent any occurrence of health-issue. By this checkup, your Doctor evaluates the status of your health and advice to keep yourself healthy in a better way.  It also helps to detect any disease beforehand.

What is included in full body checkup?

Your Regular Health Checkup includes the overall examination of your body. In this, the functionality of your body organs like heart, lungs, kidneys are assessed with ensuring the proper functioning of different systems: immune system, digestive system in your body.

As per the requirement, one may add other required tests like Gynecological Tests for women, cancer-detection tests.

Generally, your regular or standard Health Checkup will include all the required tests.

How often should you get a full body check up?

There are many factors based on which you should get your body examined. Generally, one should get a full body checkup atleast once annually. But, regular checkups are recommended as per the health issue, if you’ve any chronic disease.

What are Preventive Health checkup?

The standard or general health checkups are known as Preventive Health Checkup. This is because these tests are done to examine the body to detect any illness at an early stage and to minimize risk factors.

Is annual Health check up necessary?

Yes, the annual Health Checkup are necessary. The tests help to find the problem in the body before any initialization of any serious illness. You stand a better chance for treatment and easily able to have a way to a better cure.

From where I should get my Health Checkup done?

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