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The Notion of Beauty

  • 20 Jan 2021
  • Posted By : Admin

‘Mathe per bindi, ankhon mai kajal, favorite lipstick aur hathon per matching nail polish.’ If you notice our mothers, you’ll see that this is their way to look beautiful and confident. And, they still follow the same. They hardly knew about any on-going beauty trends in those days. For their skincare, all they had then was diy natural home remedies like applying Multani mitti (clay) on their face or Batna.

Then, ‘ the availability was limited.’ Now, we have reached a point where ‘availability is in abundance.’ We have myriad options available to us to choose from.  One can make choices as per their needs and desires or ‘what is catching their eye the most.’ And the same scenario is going on in the world of cosmetics and make-up.  The exposure to international cosmetic brands and online trending beauty- trends available to us on-hand is leaving us excited and curious. This is letting the idea of beauty becoming completely inclusive and personalized.

Everyone has their own notion of beauty and their way to feel beautiful and confident:

‘Beautiful Skin is my identity.’

99% of the people believe that the person with clear and glowing skin is beautiful. So, they work on their skin and adapt the routines that make their skin healthy and glowing. There is a seprate day and night routine they consciously follow. Cleanser, toner, serum, sunscreen, moisturizer – all these have become essential products to be applied to have glowing skin as a result.

‘My Make-Up speaks for me!’

There is a section of women who’re empowering themselves through ‘beauty’. They are shedding the traditional way of make-up and becoming bold with their experiments. They are applying their cosmetics in a way that is showcasing their unique identity.

‘Make-Up is my creativity.’

It is the general notion that the make-up is for enhancing the facial features to transform yourself from looking simple to look more beautiful and presentable. Presently, make-up has become the expression of the artist to showcase their creativity. People are celebrating their inner through make-up. Its becoming their mode of expression. They’re going bold yet, making it easy and fun.

‘Traditional is my Way’

Some are still steeped in the traditional ways and they religiously follow the ‘green’ beauty movement. So, they prefer to have natural products and prefer Ayurveda. ‘Go Natural’ is becoming popularized because the masses is familiar with the approach and aware of the ingredients. Because our mothers and grandmothers have passed on us their natural ‘nuskaas’ to us naturally, we tend to have more faith in natural products.

India is a land full of diversity, and we come across people having diverse notions and ideas. Similarly, we see that every individual holds his or her notion of ‘beauty’. With this, they have their own personalized method to feel beautiful and confident.

Dr. HelpDesk understands the need and requirements of each woman. Thus, Dr. HelpDesk brings a wide range of cosmetic products assortment in one place for the people of India. Our range of cosmetic products online fulfills each and every need. From having a lipstick of any shade to eyeliners in bold colors –you’ll find it all.  There is a whole different section for skin care available online.

Just click and explore Dr. HelpDesk, and you’ll have everything you need to feel beautiful and confident.

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